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1) The online classes begin with educating the student about biphasicity, as well as explaining that all life consists of polarities.
2) The second part explains to the student how pelvic blockage can cause pelvic obliquity.
3) The third part of the course will show the student how the energy flow of the human body works, and how scars can interrupt the flow of energy, leading to disease.

Each of us has the power to heal in our own hands

The P-P-T® – Online Course is being presented to you by Power Point Therapy® International. The P-P-T® online course gives you the opportunity to learn how to completely alleviate your own pain by yourself and through out your family, by learning the self-treatment material in this basic-level course.

Power Point Therapy® by Gerhard Egger is a new, completely natural method of self-treatment, which has its roots in Chinese Energy Academics. With Power Point Therapy® one has it within their own hands the power to restore and maintain health and well-being right into old age.

Power Point Therapy is a summary of classical acupuncture massage, classical acupuncture, and acupressure classics. The therapy consists of techniques applied to 3 areas of the body: the nose, hands, and feet. However, these application points have nothing to do with the meridians, but are points specially developed by Gerhard Egger.

BasisKurs – BK Online Therapy Testimonials United Kingdom


I started the BasisKurs Online Education during November 2016

… and commenced the self-treatment of BasisKurs, based upon the Power Point Therapy, in early December 2016 and immediately noticed improvement with my “creaking bones”! My ankles and knees creaked and groaned like an ancient ship and I had been advised to perform warm up exercises before getting out of bed. Within two self-treatment sessions my joints no longer click and creak and the discomfort associated with this eliminated.

Skin tone also glowing. I now use the Creme d’Energetic replacing my daily moisturizing cream. Friends have commented on my skin glowing with health! Age spots fading! Body scars from both childhood play and operations fading. My skin feeling soft and nourished!

Something I had not expected! Suffering with tinnitus I had constant “white noise” in my ears but also enduring “bells and chimes” when I nod or shake my head. The constant noise in my ears a thing of the past and the bells and chimes fading after only two weeks of self-treatment!

I am in my latter 50s and was accepting aches, pains and discomforts as part of “this is what happens in life” where now I am thrilled to have found my reset button! The “feel good, look good” factor with higher energy levels is amazing. I will continue with the two minutes a day BasisKurs Therapy self-treatment forever as this is such an important gift to my quality of life!

by Mandy Elliott – U.K. – Greece

BasisKurs – BK Online Therapy Testimonials Ireland


I would recommend Power Point Therapy to anyone in that it puts the healing process in one's own hands.

September 2016 – BK Online Power Point Therapy Testimonial Ireland

I completed the BK Online Basic Course for Power Point Therapy and began Power Point Therapy self-treatment in July 2016, after being recommended to me from a friend in Cork. I suffered from pain in the back of my knee for some time, and decided to put Power Point Therapy to the test as it were. Whilst I have a background in complimentary therapies, I could be termed a lapsed reflexologist. I understand going through a process in relation to healing of any kind and so it was with Power Point Therapy. It did take a few weeks to shift but after some fine tuning with the correct application via the Acupuncture-points with Coleman, the results were instantaneous and the knee pain healed. As well as feeling very energetic and also some neck stiffness gone. I would recommend Power Point Therapy to anyone in that it puts the healing process in one’s own hands.


by Thomas O Sullivan, Kerry Ireland

His body alignment is much better with BasisKurs - August 2016

My father who is presently in hospital with chronic pain in his back. He is 91 years old and I have been applying the Power Point Therapy protocol on Peter since Sunday 31st of July and he is hugely improved. He is no longer crumpled up in foetal position in the bed in pain he is lying on his back and his body alignment is much better. He can now even sit out in the chair. I am going to continue the twice a day self-treatment for another week and also apply the cream. I would say by that time Peter will be back up on his feet.


Brian Cavanagh, Dublin Ireland

I suffered from Achilles tendon and a smashed ankle injury - September 2016

BK Online Power Point Therapy Testimonial Ireland

I was recommended by a close friend to try Power Point Therapy as I suffered from Achilles tendon and a smashed ankle injury, as a result I had severe chronic pain that effected all aspects and quality of my life. I was so surprised that after only my first treatment my pain had reduced by 80% naturally and more importantly without any side effects. Also I noticed that my energy levels increased dramatically and that I could now sleep better at night. I decided to complete the BK Online Course from Power Point Therapy, so I could continue to treat my condition and have the ability to self – treat and manage my pain from the comfort of my home, which I do every few days. Now after only 5 weeks of self – treatment all I can say is thank you, as before the treatments, I could only walk 300 to 400 yards and had to stop because of the pain. Now thankfully I can enjoy walking 3 to 4 miles every day and have a better quality of life without pain.


John Downey, Cork Ireland

Suffering with chronic pain for over 6 years - July 2016

I was introduced to Power Point Therapy by a long term friend a few months ago.
At that time I had been suffering with chronic pain for over 6 years, which mainly effected my knee, both feet and also my neck . The doctors had been treating my condition with NSAIDs–Anti-inflammatory drugs for over 2 and a half years, and were starting to cause other side effects. At first I was very sceptical, but was amazed that only after 7 days of self- treatment at home with Power Point Therapy that my pain had been reduced naturally by 90% as I continued for another 7 days my pain was gone completely by 100% and my energy levels have increased massively. All I can say is Thank You. This has been a life changer and allows me to live a fulfilled life once again, and without pain.


Coleman O Hagan, Kerry Ireland

After only 3 weeks of self-treatment my pain is gone completely - August 2016

I have been suffering from severe pain in my right knee, that has effected my mobility when working. I was recommended by a friend to try Basis Kurs from Power Point Therapy and noticed after even the first treatment that the pain had reduced massively, I have completed the BK basic course and after only 3 weeks of self-treatment my pain is gone completely, also I have noticed my energy levels have increased dramatically and now I can say I am pain free, which I treat and manage every few days.


Con O Sullivan, Cork Ireland

Austria – Power Point Therapy Testimonials


Bone marrow edema

According to medical diagnosis, I had bone marrow edema on my right foot. After five days of treatment the pain was gone. but after another four weeks of biological recovery, the pain came back. Through a recommendation, I visited Mr. Egger and started the Power Point Therapy®. Each treatment was better, and the pain was completely gone after ten treatments. Since then, I do not need any more painkillers.


Ingrid L.

After the first treatment

Even after a single treatment, I feel a lot better. But for safety, I want to continue to receive more therapies to treat my condition. To every person who considers their health and well-being worth something, I can recommend this therapy with a clear conscience.


Ingeborg G.

Mimi – Our Christmas Miracle 2009

Our youngest daughter, Miriam was one year old in August 2008, yet she could not crawl yet. Just before Christmas, while she could crawl, her feet buckled so much outwardly that her ankle was turned inward. The diagnosis was “Muscular Hypotie”. In January 2009, we started physiotherapy. In April 2009, the Orthopedist prescribed ICP sandals. The doctor then informed us that Miriam would have a lifetime of problems with her leg muscles. At the end of April, we arrived for the first time at Mr. Egger’s clinic, where Miriam, who was still standing on her inner ankles, was treated with the newly developed Power Point Therapy®. After a few weeks she began to get stronger. Now in December 2009, Miriam can run and climb and hand over stages. The calves are muscular and strong and the foot and ankle are stable and solid. At her last Orthopedic evaluation, the doctor said that we have a completely healthy child here. We have not had to continue to see her neurologist since. But I am looking forward to the next appointment (if there is one), because I cannot hear often enough that Miriam is now a healthy child. The Power Point Therapy® played a crucial role and supported her healing. For this we thank you from the heart.


Alexandra k. und Miriam

Breast lumps

While showering I discovered a node in my left breast. When a Sonorgraph was performed, my doctor advised me that in my case, he had to surgically remove this node. My son then told me about Power Point Therapy. Even after the first treatment, the node was much smaller. Two days later, i had discoverd there was no more nodes. On the same day, I went again to the LKH for my own safety. Again, the nodes were gone.


Martina v. B.

Report of a Physiotherapist

I first encountered Power Point Therapy® when I started to use Acupuncture-Massage five years ago. I then wanted to know more about it and last year decided to take the Power Point Therapy® Basic Training. Since then I have used it increasingly in my work. Now I only work with Power Point Therapy®. I am just excited about the possibilities offered by Power Point Therapy®, to quickly and permanently help my patients.


Barabara Wohlesser, Phsysiotherapeutic

Listen to what some athletes

have to say about Power Point Therapy!

Christian Troger – Special Needs Athlete

I am a special needs athlete and I use to suffer brutal pain. I ran the “Ironman” marathon. I was tired but thanks to Power Point Therapy I had no muscular pain during or after the event. I never thought that was possible!

Dominik Pacher & Alexander Radin – Athletes of the year 2014

I run faster now and regenerate quicker, I have been using Power Point Therapy for a while and continue to use it. It is something that I recommend to everyone. It is not by chance that we are able to perform that well.

Kevin Haselsberger – Elite Mountain Biker

I always try to find the best ways to improve and optimize my performance. Power Point Therapy improved my training sessions and I no longer feel pain. The Monvie Cream made a huge difference and my energy is now balanced correctly.

Meet the online tutors for  BasisKurs – BK Online Course

Here is some brief information about who the online tutors are, who are available to offer you help and support, as you learn all about the BasisKurs – Bk Online Therapy based upon the Power Point Therapy® basic.

Michael Unger

Michael Unger

Founder BK Online Course

Languages: German, English and Spanish
Coleman O'Hagan

Coleman O'Hagan

BK Online Founder

Languages: English
Michael Jr Unger Garcia

Michael Jr Unger Garcia

BK Online Founder

Languages: Spanish and English
Mandy Elliott

Mandy Elliott

Int'l Public Relation Manager

Languages: English

See what information is available in the BasisKurs – BK Online

Here is a brief explanation of the different levels of the course.

BKOnline Introduction

This is the basic introduction. Open for FREE Affiliates and with Information to read and 10 questions to answer, when you are ready to go to the course.  You can cut and paste answers.

The key is to get 8/10 correct answers.

Once you have 80% or higher you can commence sharing information and earning!

BKOnline Course 1

This level of the course opens if you have paid as a Student. The online classes begin with educating the student about biphasicity, as well as explaining that all life consists of polarities. This level of course also opens when you have earn sufficient from joining OTHERS for FREE to be able to continue with the education of BKOnline.  10 questions to answer once you are ready to take this level of course.

BKOnline Course 2

The second part explains to the student how pelvic blockage can cause pelvic obliquity. By achieving 80% or higher at Lesson 1 now you can review the information at Lesson 2 and in your own time decide when you wish to go to the 10 questions of the course.

BKOnline Course 3

You are now at the final Lesson. Lesson 3. The third part of the course will show the student how the energy flow of the human body works, and how scars can interrupt the flow of energy, leading to disease. At completion of these 10 questions with results of 80% or higher your self-treatment certificat, your ETP and the Energy Creme will be shipped to you and you will have the knowledge of how to self treat yourself and your family.

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