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Become a Money Making Affiliate Partner with the BasisKurs Therapy!

Use our BK Online Educational Platform & Help to spread the word. We offer everyone the opportunity to help people from all over the World to discover the possibilities of a pain free life style and a better quality of life. We offer our Affiliates Partners a very generous but simple rewards plan.

  • * For every Student or Affiliate referral you personally introduce you will receive 5€ referral earnings.
  • * Second level Bonus by helping your partner’s market & refer other Student or Affiliate partners you will receive a 10€ Coaching Referral earnings, on every new Student or Affiliate sign up.

Please JOIN NOW to start as Free BasisKurs Affiliate. We have great support and appreciate your Interest in becoming Pain Free yourself.. 



We also provide to you the Automatic Direct Sales Master upgrade, without any extra efforts from your part. This will be earning you 15€ per direct sale!
How to achieve this, is by personally introducing five fully paid up Student or Affiliates and your direct bonus will then increase from 5€ to 15€ per introduction.
There is no time restriction to achieve this bonus and it is applied after your first five Student or Affiliates have joined and it is applicable from there onwards.
The rewards plan is designed to help & encourage your New Team Partners to have continued Success. With your mentorship you can refer an infinite number of Students & Affiliate partners as you build your business with uncapped rewards.

We wish you great success with BasisKurs – Bk Online and see you soon as DIRECT SALES MASTER.


ALL BK Online Educational Platform members have the ability to earn income by registering as a FREE Affiliate Partner! Introduce some of your friends, associates or family members to register via your affiliate website (which we provide FREE) and see for yourself how simple it is!


Questions & Answers

 How much will it cost me to become a BKOnline Affiliate and create an income stream working from home?

You can join as a FREE AFFILIATE and then go the COURSE and answer the 10 questions. Achieve a minimum of 8 out of 10 correct answers ad this opens your business doors to commence marketing, sharing information and your income stream will begin.

Can I purchase the full course “Become a Student” and have access to the full course so I may experience the BKOnline self-treatment and have my personal testimonial?

Many people enter at this level to become a “product of the product” and see for themselves.  To enter at this level join as “BECOME A STUDENT“.  Why we have it FREE? It’s to make this affordable to everyone. Not everyone can afford € 99 EUR.

What is a BKsprinter?

BKSprinter is a unique cash bonus position!  Receive a 75 EURO bonus within the calendar month of joining BK Online BasisKurs!  

BK Sprinter’s‘s simply introduce 5 Students or Affiliate/Students within your opening calendar month and BKOnline will reward you with a cash bonus of 75 EURO!  By achieving the level of BKSprinter you will receive the full 15 EURO Direct Sales Master bonus for your first five introductions as BKOnline will back date your Money Maker qualification to that of Direct Sales Master commencing day one.

Which countries in the world can join?

This is a global opportunity.  The pricing is in Euro and commissions calculated in Euro however when commissions are transferred to your bank you will receive in your local currency.

How many hours a day do I have to work?

This is not a JOB and we tend to not think of it as work. This is YOUR business therefore you determine when you wish to apply time. You do need to apply some energy and effort to be successful and we have full support, training, mentoring. You can repeat the Sessions as many times you want to achieve your desired qualification certification, most students chose to be part of the Club 400.  

For those who want to share this with other, in your back office is a wealth of information and tools: Sample sentences to use to promote, images, banners.  Everything is included with your Affiliate Partnership. BKOnline want you to have a happy life balance of quality family time and to enjoy working with us creating an income stream.

How do I explain this opportunity to others as I am new and just learning for myself?

We have an amazing leadership team always willing to assist. Facebook groups and Skype groups too.  We also host live webinar presentations several times each week and these have Q&A session at the end. You will have access links to these to use for yourself and to give to guests. On Mondays we host a New Starters and Leadership meetings, to share information and reach out as leaders to assist you with “getting started” and moving forward.  There is no red carpet here, it is all very open and easy to connect with the leadership.

Can I only market locally to friends, family and people in my local community?

This is a global opportunity. You are open to reach out across the world and market to anywhere.

Is there a monthly fee?


How am I paid?

You can be paid into your PayPal, BitCoin account or via bank transfer.

When am I paid?

Commissions are calculated at month end and paid within the first five days of the following month.

What about Taxes, Income Tax etc. etc.?

You are responsible for declaring your income and for your personal tax assessment.

What is the income plan?

This is not MLM, this is direct sales. You earn from your own results and by directly introducing others and by assisting them achieve you receive a bonus.   Below is an outline of the FREE AFFILIATE and the main MONEY MAKERS compensation plan.

How much can I earn?

There is no cap on how much you can earn.  There is unlimited income potential ! 

Do I have to stock products and deliver to my customers?

No!! BKOnline take orders online, process payment and ship globally.  There is no requirement for you to “bulk purchase” and deliver orders. Your customer orders are tracked online and commissions are applied to you as Money Makers.  This is a global opportunity and you can be earning while you are sleeping!


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