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You are also one step away from becoming a BasisKurs – BK Online Affiliate/Partner to promote our offering!

We offer our partners a very generous business opportunity, which includes an Affiliate Plugin to promote your business.

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Once you enroll as an Affiliate/Partner, you immediately qualify for commissions on the enrollment of Students you bring into the program, and even more significantly for those who your Students bring in if they become an Affiliate. The commissions are calculated at registration for practical purposes, although payment is delayed until after the Student receives shipment of the cream and the energetic touch point, and after the Student’s course is completed.

Commissions are paid as follows::

  • The sponsor receives 5.00€. for any Student who registers on the sponsor’s website (1st tier sponsor).
  • If there is a person above this sponsor (2nd tier sponsor), then that 2nd tier sponsor will also receive 10.00€.. (This compensation design is so that we encourage ourselves and our Students to find others to spread the word.)

The referral marketing system is not multi-level program because there is no pyramid system. One can sponsor an infinite number of Students or Affiliate/Partners. You always get the same one-time commission of 5.00€. When a NEW Student recommends someone to become an Affiliate/Partner, and they register to do so, you again receive an additional 10.00€, as a thank you for the recommendation There are never more then 15.00 € per sold BK Online course being paid out as Commissions.

599€*: Comes with 12 x 100ml Energy Cremes included.

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